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Slip Stream Twitch Chat Bot
Slip Stream Twitch Chat Bot

This goes over our Twitch Chat Bot.

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We offer a bot to help you with attribution while you're streaming. This bot uses Twitch's API to send chat messages to your channel each time you play a song from our website or our Streamlabs application. Please note that this bot will be required for ONLY free users. Premium users will not have attribution enabled by default and will have to enable it.


All you have to do is make sure your Twitch account is connected to your Slip Stream account. To do this you can do the following:

  • Sign in with your email

  • Go to your profile

  • Go to your channels

  • Add your Twitch account.

  • Or you can create an account or sign in with Twitch

Once your Twitch account is connected each time you play a track/SFX on our website or Streamlabs application this will then send a message over to your Twitch chat with the song attribution information.


Slipdotstream - Music by - Digital Escape "Message From My Heart" -

How to disable this?

If you do not like this bot in your chat automatically posting attribution to each track, as of right now this affects only free users so you'll have to upgrade to a pro/commercial plan.

Other Effects

Please keep in mind that if your Twitch chat is connected to other platforms such as Discord our chatbot will post to other applications.

Also, this bot runs all the time, even when you're offline, each time you play a track it will show up in your chat.

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