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Free Users:

As a free user, you're required to add attribution for using our music. All you need to do is add the following to your stream. "All Music is Provided by".

To get our music in the hands of more streamers, we've created a app on Streamlabs.

Streamlabs Installation

Before using our app, you'll want to make sure Streamlabs is installed.

Open Streamlabs and follow these instructions:

Choose if you want to Live Stream or Record a Video.

Next, you'll want to connect your channels to connect (optional).

Choose to "Import from OBS" or "Start Fresh".

Setup your Mic and Webcam (optional).

Select a theme (optional).

Install the theme (optional).

Wait for Streamlabs to finish optimizing.

Installing our App

After you've installed Streamlabs, you'll need to install our App. The installation is very easy.

Go to the left-hand sidebar and click on the App Shop Icon.

Find our App - You can do this via search or click on the "Music" category.

Once you've entered into the App Page, you can click "Install" in the top right-hand corner.

This should bring up a dialog window. Click on "Install".

After the installation is complete, you'll see a confirmation. You'll also see an option to "Open" and "Uninstall". You'll want to click on the "Open" option.

If this is your first time using the App, you should see this welcome screen. If you have an account with us already, please click the "Sign in Here" Option. If you don't, then please click "Get Started".

Choose what method you want to use to sign up for an account. At this time we offer, Google, Twitch, and Email.

If you choose the SSO option you'll be asked to connect your accounts. If you choose the email option you'll be asked to fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Email, and then enter a strong Password.

After you've done that, click "Create Account".

Next, you will go through our onboarding flow so we can get to know you better:

What type of content creator are you?

What are some of your favorite Music Genres? This is used to personalize your experience.

This is optional, but for the best results with our service, it's best to connect your social channels.

After you've completed the signup, you should see our app. If you want to start listening to music, please make a selection. (If you want to upgrade to a paid plan you will choose the "Upgrade" button in the top right corner).

Next, choose the plan that best fits your needs. Please review each plan and its features.

If you're a new user each plan will come with a 30-day trial. If you've been subscribed in the past you'll not have this option. Fill in your information and click "Subscribe" this will return you to the Discover page where you'll be upgraded.

How to get sound from our App into Streamlabs

This next part may or not be a bit complicated depending on your setup.

Mac Users

For Mac users, this next step will require some additional software. By Default, Mac users cannot capture their Desktop Audio. This will require a 3rd party Virtual Audio Driver. Please follow the installation instructions and then come back to finish the setup.

To make sure your Desktop Audio produces sound for your stream, you'll need to go into:

PC -> File -> Settings Audio

Mac -> Streamlabs Desktop -> Preferences -> Audio (Again, please make sure you followed the virtual Audio Driver Installation)

Choose the Default Desktop Audio Option.

Uninstalling Our Application

If you need to uninstall our Application here is what you do:

Click on the App Store Icon.

Click on My Profile in the Middle Right side.

Once there you'll see our App listed. Click on "Uninstall".

A dialog window will open. Choose "Continue".

Please choose a reason for the uninstall.

Once you've uninstalled our App, you'll need to restart Streamlabs.

That's it! That's how you use our app with Streamlabs. If you need support please email us at Please allow us 24 hours to respond.

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