How do I provide attribution?

This article goes over how to provide attribution correctly with your video or live stream.

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How to add attribution to avoid claims as a Free Personal user

Providing attribution in the description of your video is how you avoid copyright claims when using's music if you are a Free Personal user.
Attribution = providing credit to the artist and the song you are using in your video.

The attribution information is contained in our "License Link". You locate this info by clicking on the "i" icon on the track block.

When you click it a License Link module will pop up containing the artist and song info for that track. Simply copy this information by clicking the button that says "Copy License Link" and then paste it into the description of your YouTube video and you will be covered.

If you're uploading a livestream that uses a large number of tracks from a playlist, simply use the following copy to avoid claims:

"Music Provided by"
We highly recommend that Free Personal users also authenticate their channels with for an added layer of protection. Learn how to do this HERE. All this authentication procedure allows to do is to more efficiently manage claim issues related to your channel.

Quick Tips to Avoid Claims as a Free Personal user

  • Always remember to provide attribution using License Links before publishing.

  • Authenticate your channel(s).

  • Do not edit the License Links.

  • If you use multiple songs in a video (not a live stream) then paste in each song's license link in the video description.

  • Remember that every new video or stream requires this attribution.

To save time and effort you can upgrade to a Pro account which allows you to publish content without attribution. If you are interested, click HERE.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to support at Our team will follow up with you within 24 hours.

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