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Creating playlists and liking tracks, playlists, sfx, and genres
Creating playlists and liking tracks, playlists, sfx, and genres

This is a best practice for building a collection of music you like and use

Written by Jesse Korwin
Updated over a week ago

One of the best ways to get the most of out of your account is by amassing a collection of songs that you like and saving them to your account so that you can access them right away and don't have to constantly search for the same track over and over again.

The two best ways to do this is to either create a playlist or to like the track/playlist/genre/sfx.

Creating a Playlist

Creating a playlist allows you to add any song to a project folder.

First, you can go to the lefthand nav and find where it says "My Playlists +". You can click "My Playlists" which will take you to your My Playlists page where all of your playlists are stored. On that page there is the option to select "New Playlist". When you click that a module will pop up, prompting you to name the new playlist.

A second option is to click the plus sign (+) next to where it says "My Playlists" on the lefthand nav, and the New Playlist naming module will immediately pop up.

The final option is to click the plus sign (+) on the track bar once you find a desired song. A module that pops up will give you the option of adding that song to an existing playlist or to create a new one.

Once you have created a playlist, you can quickly add songs by clicking the plus sign (+) on the track bar and selecting the desired playlist to add it to.

These playlists are all sotred on your My Playlists page which can be accessed through the lefthand nav or in your Profile.

Liking Tracks, Playlists, SFX, Genres

Liking tracks is another great way to "save" tracks, playlists, genres, or sfx so that you can go back to them later or during a future session.

The easiest way to do that is to go to the selected song or collection and click the heart sign. This will "save" it to your Likes Page.

The Likes page can be accessed by clicking "Likes" on the lefthand nav.

On the Likes Page there are different tabs for "Liked Tracks", "Liked Playlists", "Liked SFX", or "Liked Genres". Everything that you like by clicking the heart sign will be stored here for your convenience.

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