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What's the best way to find music for my project on
What's the best way to find music for my project on
Written by Jesse Korwin
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Discover Page

The Discover Page is curated just for you based on your onboarding profile and is continually personalized based on your activity on So if you're a Streamer who like Hip Hop and Rock, you will be served Playlist Collections based on those parameters.

It is also the page where you can find the newest tracks and playlists and the trending tracks and playlists based on their upload date and their popularity amongst the community.

The Discover Page is also where we promote special Artist and Lable features, seasonal collections, and Creator Collaborations.


In the Playlist section you will find song collections curated by our amazing team of music curators. These playlists are based on themes, type of creators, common video moments, pop culture, movies, artists, tv shows, and more.

Search has one of the most powerful search algorithms in music backed by patented machine learning.

You can go to this page and search the entire catalog by using standard terms like moods, genres, emotions, cultural and artist references, your favorite creators, or even natural language.

For example, type in "cool night time jazz music in an nyc club".


This is one of the most popular methods to find music on the site. Describing the sound you hear in your head can be difficult so a lot of times it's easier to start with the emotion or mood you're trying to set.


This is another effective starting point in your music discovery journey. With over 119 genres and 200+ subgenres, going into each of these collections helps you dial in the sound quickly and efficiently.

A.I. Lab

Our A.I. Lab section is where we develop and test new features powered by artificial intelligence. Each product is designed to help you find the perfect soundtrack to your video or livestream. Check in here to see what's at the forefront of music discovery.

Show Similar

The Show Similar button can be accessed at the track level for every song. Use this feature if you find a song you look and the system will surface more songs just like it. This drastically cuts down your search time.


When you use Search or are in a Genre or Mood collection you can use the filters at the top of the result set to whittle down the tracks to specifically what you're looking for. You can filter by genre, subgenre, mood, tempo, vocal, and track length.

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