How it works

If using one of’s songs or sound effects triggers a copyright claim or gets a stream muted and is unable to resolve the claim in 60 days you will be refunded for one month’s paid subscription fee. In the case of an annual subscription, you will receive the prorated amount for that month. If you are on a free account or used a coupon for a free month, no refund will be given.

In order to validate your claim and refund you must do the following:

  • Notify of receiving the claim by emailing within 24 hours of receiving the claim or being muted.

  • Provide a dated screenshot of the claim that includes the name of the claimant and their registered work that is being claimed.

  • Provide the track name and artist name of the track that was used.

  • Dispute the claim with the respective platform by noting that you have a valid license for the track you used and following these instructions.

  • After 60 days provide a dated screenshot and communication that the original claim has not been resolved successfully and/or that your stream has not been unmuted. This applies to both commercial and personal plans.

  • Public domain songs are not covered under this guarantee.

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