One of the biggest questions we get asked in Support is, "How come when I go to download a song, and it says I have to upgrade?". This can be very frustrating to users, and we understand that, so I wanted to create this helpful article for you so you understand the difference between a Free Track and Premium Track.

Free Tracks

First, let's talk about Free Tracks. We here at want to help our users. We understand everybody is different when it comes to content creation, so we decided to offer you hundreds free tracks. These tracks can be used in your video content and you can monetize your videos (Please note this doesn't include Commercial/FIlm Use). Once you've experienced those tracks, you can unlock over 100,000 tracks/SFX if you upgrade to a paid subscription.

How can I tell what a Free Track looks like?

Great question. A free track will have a purple sticker on the far right-hand side and will have the text "Free" on it. Premium tracks do not have this marking. See the image below for an example.

As you can see from the image above, these tracks are free because they have the Free Sticker on them.

Premium Tracks

Now that you understand what Free Tracks are and how to spot them. Let's talk about Premium Tracks. These tracks require a paid subscription to download them. We offer different types of subscriptions from Personal, Commercial, and Enterprise (please reach out to us at Visit the pricing page to sign up or upgrade today!

How can I tell what a Premium Track looks like?

Unlike Free Tracks, Premium Tracks do not have a Free Sticker on them. You can see from the image below that all of the tracks listed are Premium Tracks because they do not have a Free Sticker on them.

Vibes with a "Free" Sticker

Another question I get is, "How come I have to upgrade to download a track when the Vibe is showing a Free Sticker on it?". Again this is another great question and we can understand where there may be some confusion. When a Free Sticker is on a Vibe this means there are Free Tracks inside of that Vibe but it doesn't mean ALL the tracks in there are Free.

For example, let's look at the Vibe, "Spring Break Rave." Now on the outside Vibe Cover, we see the Free Sticker, but when you go into the Vibe, it only has 1 Free Track Listed (The Gold outline is the Premium Track, and the green outline is the Free Track).

This should clear up any confusion about Free Tracks vs. Premium Tracks.

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