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Can I download stems or different track elements?
Can I download stems or different track elements?

This article goes over how to download stems.

Written by Shan Huang
Updated over a week ago

Yes! The majority of the music on contains stems or audio layers. Typically you can get it broken down into drums, drums and bass, no percussion, lead instrument, and instrumental. Occassionally there are different layers available but this is the standard grouping.

You must be a Pro or Commercial subscriber to be able to download stems on Go here to subscribe.

If you are a Free Personal user you can still see the stems available for each track but will not be able to download them unless you upgrade.

To see a track's stems click the music note icon on the track you like to reveal the available stems. You can download them there individually, or you can just click the download icon on the main track and you'll have the option to get the full stem collection there as well.

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