Slip.Stream is a copyright-free music service created for streamers, content creators, podcasters, and companies looking for that perfect sound for their projects. Whether you’re creating a video about makeup, how-to tutorials, unboxings, gameplay, general vlogging, or streaming to one or thousands of viewers LIVE, slip.Stream has you covered.

The goal of Slip.Stream is to help gain access to amazing musical tracks that you can use in your project. We offer over 100,000+ tracks/SFX, and hundreds of them are 100% free to use without a subscription! OK, what company does that? Not many but we’re one of them that do 🙂

When it comes to the use of music in videos/streams things can be a bit complicated. Sometimes you may use a song in your project that says it’s “copyright-free” only to find out it’s really not and now your videos or streams are getting muted or getting those nasty copyright strikes and now you have to deal with fixing the claim(s) and this is taking time out of your day to fix all of that.

That’s where Slip.Stream comes in and saves the day! Our music is 99.99% cleared which means you don’t have to worry about strikes or muting. Now even if it does happen (very rare) we have an amazing support team ready to jump in and assist in getting any claims cleared.

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